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 Thank you for Visec. I was shocked to find out that my so-called "best employee" was stealing from me.
Brandon G. Delaware U.S.

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What our customers are saying:

To further show you the success from some of our users, we have posted some letters we have received! The following messages are just a few from the hundreds of testimonials that we have received. Each user has given us written permission to display their testimonial.

Dear Visec Software

Here are the photos of our first break in. These two persons are now serving 6 years in jail. They had broken in to 36 different places and our photos got them caught. You have permission to use them. They were taken with your software.

(note we have shown a sampling of the pictures in a lower resolution format)

Pine Knob Theatre -Caneyville, Kentucky

Visec is amazing. I've tried a number of other vendors' demos, and none of them is as intuitive as Visec. It just WORKS.

Craig B. Leawood , Kansas

I bought this product and decided to put it to use. I have a classic Volkswagen bus worth over $20,000. On numerous occasions people have tried to steal parts and one time the whole automobile. I couldn't figure out why each month someone was stealing my hubcaps and attempting to pry open the engine compartment. After using Visec I was couldn't believe it was my mechanic. He knew the location of the Volkswagen. Thanks to Visec the police have "verified evidence." Visec not only saved me money, but also the desire of just knowing who the suspect was. Thanks!
- Bruce Davis, Long Beach, CA

I use Visec to keep an eye on the outside of my office. Unlike some of your users I do not hide my camera or use spy cams. Visec comes in handy at the office. Many times people knock on the door, and I first look at Visec to see who it is. If I know them, I open the door if not I let them knock. Before Visec, I never noticed so many strangers would come by. Now as soon as they see the camera, they leave. It's as if they were not supposed to be there in the first place.
- Jennifer Richards, Dallas, Texas

I am a single parent with three children. Because of my job I cannot be home with my kids when they arrive from school. I entrust my eldest son to watch after the younger siblings. I like Visec because it alerts me when they come home. Visec will email me a picture as soon as they open the door and walk in. The program is also nice because I can look at live video, as well as record what happened when they are home. A few times my kids did not come home at 4:00 in the afternoon as they usually do. Concerned, I called the school and found that the school bus was delayed. Without Visec it would be harder to keep an eye on my kids.
- Maurine Jackson, Atlanta, GA

Someone always comes by house every couple weeks and kicks my trashcans down the driveway. At times itís a mess when the trash is not yet picked up. I tried using a video camera I saw on the internet to record what happens. But the video recorder would store a full 24 hours of video each day. And after 1 week thatís too many videotapes, and also difficult to find any video. I then tried Visec. The price is right and the system functioned just as I needed. It only records when motion is detected and I can control the sensitivity. This means in 24 hours, I have maybe a few minutes of video from the mailman, water company, and others visiting my home. This is a lot better then 10 tapes, each with 24 hours of nonsense video. It makes it easy to review, and also easier to store since itís on my computer. After a few weeks, I finally caught the person doing this. It was a neighborhood child who seemed to have fun watching the trash can roll down the driveway.
- Michael Simon, Biloxi, MS

I am was out of town for the holidays. After asking all my friends and neighbors to watch my condo, I finally realized there was not much they could do since they were never home. I purchased an alarm, but then realized I would never know if a break-in occurred, especially being 2,000 miles away. After seeing Visec, I downloaded it, and set it up using my regular web camera and left for vacation. While no one broke in my condo, I felt so relaxed knowing I could see what was happening. Anytime I was concerned, I just connected to my computer and watched to see everything was ok. My trip was so much more relaxing knowing that my home was untouched. Thank you very much for making a nice product that is reachable to the average user.
- James Ryan, Las Vegas, NV

I noticed on your web site that you have testimonial letters so I thought that I would send you one myself. Your program helped us to catch a thief in the office. He was our own colleague and used to steal. We were shocked and devastated when we saw him doing it, but eventually it was better to know the truth. We showed this to our boss and he was fired immediately.
- Gina Martinella, Rome, Italy

Dear Visec, thank you for letting me to download your free trial version. Actually on the third day of testing it I caught my babysitter hitting my son... I don't know where I would be today without Visec. Needless to say I immediately registered my version and will continue using it forever. You really don't know who to trust these days. Thank you!
- Alissa Shane, Ottawa, Canada

Hi! Hereís what happened to me., I installed Visec on my computer to catch a burglar, in the event a burglary occurred. Guess what? Instead of a burglar I caught my wifeís personal trainer ďtraining herĒ in a way I never thought they trained... Back then I was pretty devastated, however, now I am happily divorced and I can even laugh at the situation. Even though I did not install Visec for the purpose of catching my spouse in adultery, I have to admit that any person suspecting such an activity should consider installing one. After all, it is better to know the truth, one way or another. I don't even know if should I thank you or not, but one thing is sure, your program work just perfectly.
- Anthony from Malibu, CA

Excellent Product to keep track of inventory
Thank you!
Cosmetic containers and Cosmetic packaging


Airless Bottles a manufacturer of cosmetic containers and airless bottles uses Visec Software to manage their large warehouse to inventory.
Manufacturer Of Airless Bottles

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